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Fort Minor

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Xero Demo Tape Texte:

1. [Rhinestone]

From the top to the bottom
Bottom to top I stop
At the core of the rotton
Stop and just what I thought
The sun has escaped us
So I'm bright in the sky
And I'm far from rapist
Look at why did try (2x)

From the thread to the needle, middle to end
When skies cock back and shock that which couldn't defend
The rain then sends dripping acidic questions
Forcefully, the power of suggestion
Then with the eyes tightly shut looking thought the rust and rotten dust
A spot of light floods the floor
And pours itself upon a world of pretend
Then the eyes ease open and its dark again


In a minute you'll find me
Eyes burn me up
You say you'll never forget me
But the lies have piled up

Moving all around
Screaming of the ups and downs
Pollution manifested in perpetual sound
And as wheels go round the sunset creeps past the
Street lamps, cars, chain-links, and concrete
A wind open grows and captures the eye
Crys out yellow light as it passes it by
A small black figure sits in front of a box
Inside a box a rock with the needles on top

Nothing stops in the slanted the chain
The brains lose not knowing they were part of the game
And the insides go but the box stays the same
And shame, shovel up the pieces to the pain
You could try to hide yourself in the world of pretend
When the paper's crumbled up it can't be perfect again


Yeah I got you got in the act
You better step back
Telling me that
I seein' right through you (7x)

Bridge (2x)

2. [Reading my Eyes]

The Microphone Molesta
The chevy undresser
Stupid dope fresh tight shit resurrector
Top gun man mod best of the besta
The living MC peace and resta
Still tested the flexed gunna
The make funna the appisary make runna
Make summa cold with rhymes that spit
Get gifted, lifted, delinquent wit
I be the prophet, in my hand
Top it, stop it, felt like rockin when I rock it
Locked it down with this perverse verse
Every fuckin curse I burst to hurt
Room crowds physical fitness rhymes
Coke heads couldn't do my lines
Decorated like Christmas pines with Italian rocks
MCs become silohetes in shock

Reading my eyes will say it in many ways
Losing my pride will save it in many days

Hit the dirt
Because the words I spit will do more than just rip your shirt
I'll bitch slap your soul
Track the track control
You coming at me?
You can't hack it though
So ridiculous
Watching my crew get sick of this
Pitchin this
Lyrical brichisness
To crews and cliques
Maiden, men, and mistresses
This is my life
The twilight, the fight night
And trying to see nothing but the highlights
When I write
These eyes on horizons
Top of Mike, start cries on to Krylon
Fire on, rude men telekinetically
As aterically beats become a clarity
Feel averity's heroism, and heracy
And severe every MC I see with Neverity


Why not
What a keep (3x)

Why not give me what I came to deserve
Why not give me what I came to believe (2x)


3. [Fuse]

Of course you know what a fuse is...
It's a long piece of cord impregnated with gun powder
When you strike a match and light it
It burns, fitfully, spiraling to it's end
At which there is, a little suprise

Krypton, short suit MCs you'll be ripped on
You fell off and it's my lyric sheet you just slipped on
Get gone, spit on mic's made in Hong Kong
Rock on, sing songs mightier than King King
A Donkey, you think you want me or want this
Want some, hold your reputation for Ransom
With these here, handsomely crafted tactics
To break a snake and see like a cheap profilactic
Galactic, space now yeah that grabs attention
Crackheads nodded like a pest can't even mention
Right a pat traps gas tracks in sections
Kid steps this he need witness protection

Trying to see while I
If you see it
I'll be here (2x)

It was the junkyard crooked letter C-I-entific
Duck us, the ruckus I'll bring stings your eardrum
Hear one, lalala loose frind me fearsome
Opposing troops on my home front shall be gone
Testing the eight-hundred, eighteenth batallion
Shallow the one who's run like rebels
Enola gay rhymes kicked the notch up a level
In intensity, send back the tax that you sent to me
Blow up your spot with grenades that were meant for me
MP3 versus R33 MCs, swiss change your gear putting shrapnel in the breeze
We're MCs with enemy companies with my hand full of lyrics talking 'bout you want these
Please, don't even speak the name of channels and low gadget mic shit put it down like pens
For my friends and my fam let them dodge it around this mic shot through the back of an MCs hand
With the strength that he had a bridge you don't want that close body fields in hand to hand combat
Battle cats, it's like the sectional speech warfare words slash cords
Come deford shots get rid don't question my intention when your butt gets kicked

Trying to to see while I
If you see it
I'll be here
Tech broke italic syllabalic attacks
Trying to see while I
If you see it
I'll be here
You want these MCs lyrically back smacks

Why wait, I didn't look down myself (8x)

Trying to to see while I
If you see it
I'll be here
Tech broke itallic syllabalic attacks
Trying to see while I
If you see it
I'll be here
You want these MCs lyrically back smacks

4. [Stick N' Move]

This is how it's done going for the title and crown
Where now MC's surround as the beat breaks down
In 2 elements clobbin' up those that have been blessed
And as the M-I see the way it ought to be ponessed
Yes, yes am I the one to keep you on your toes
Definitaly in my b-boy pose, thea let your ? like twist
Touch your chin to your chest to the rhythm like this

Now see what I have, I want you
Be with me or Stick n' Move
Now see what I had, I want you
Be with me or Stick n' Move

MC's dogging me since the first day I grabbed the mic
Now it's like Sit, Stay
Cobra path lifestyles i'm kickin'
Stickin' MC's real quick 'cause times tickin'
At the drop of the defense, I let loose the venom
Sendin', I try to verbal heat up venom
The ending will come, grab your family and run
Apocalyptic rhyme pattern taking shots from the sun
Record in the world, four-thousand-eighty-one
Question my intentions and your whole world is done
Like wars to Rome, turn your eyeballs into Saturn
Full metal jacket fully auto rhyme pattern


Stick it, rock it for a click and a whicket
Move it, moving all the tunes and you groove it (4x)


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